Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm no expert

I'm no expert, but here are some random thoughts I've had lately on a variety of life-topics:

- Dog poop - I hate it when it is in my yard! We live in town. We get dog poop in the front yard relatively often. Usually when my children step in it, I grumble and complain and get angry with the stranger who didn't pick up after their dog. A few days ago I saw one of those "strangers" down the street from our house, walking away after the dog made a mess. Call it intuition, call in the Holy Spirit, I just had that sense of knowing that this stranger was in a hurting place. I saw a face, and a heart, and I decided not to curse the dog poop peddlers, but pray for them. So, random tip #1: When you step in dog poop, pray for the owner of the dog.

- Pace - I went out "running" the other day. I had two kids with me on scooters. I knew the pace would be slow, but I didn't know it would be lethargic, and stopping every 30 seconds. However, as we progressed, I realized how very tired my body was and that the pace was actually a gift. I was outside, getting fresh air, stretching my legs, using my muscles, with no pressure to "work out hard". It was enjoyable. Random tip #2: Accept the pace of your day. (Takes way more energy when you fight it!!)

- Sleeping and eating - I'm on a slow upward path out of the pit of unhealthy habits. I'm not making any big promises, just trying to make better choices one at a time. In the pit, there is a double whammy that gets me every time. I stay up late, and because I'm up so late, I get hungry. Since I'm hungry, I eat. (because I've never been very good at not doing exactly what I want) So, as I progress down this path, I eat more than I need and I sleep less than I need. As you can imagine, this is not a good combo. Random tip #3: When you're tired, go to bed, do not go to the kitchen.

- Process - Life is a journey, not a destination. I've lived far too long with a destination mindset. "Just as soon as I _____________, then I will . . . feel better, make better decisions, start the project I've been needing to do, make that phone call. . . " The problem with the destination mindset is that it sets me up for success or failure. I love the successes, but I crash around the failures. And the reality is that it's neither a success nor failure, it's life. And tomorrow will come just as surely as today is here and my job is not to "arrive" but to live! The best tool I have is awareness - not accomplishment. Random tip #4: Live life as a journey, accepting the awareness of your situation as a road map rather than an evaluation form.

- Love - God's love is stronger than I give Him credit for. It isn't just a warm fuzzy, it is comfort when I am lonely, strength when I am weary, wisdom when I am confused, courage when I want to hide, peace when I am in angst, clarity when the way seems unclear. . . Random tip #5: "Your love neither abandons me nor tolerates my evasions." (M. Robert Mulholland Jr.)

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